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Your website looks nice and there are lots of useful links. But in these days, opening website has become a fashion, so do you think that you can sustain it? By the way can you show your background to viewers?

Name:Bindu     Address:K. University, Banepa(Nepal)     E-mail:---


Dear Sirjana,
First of all congratulations.
I have not expected this surprise from you. I'm so glad. I open your web-site it's so beautiful. Flowers you have choosen are too good. Well, i go through it deeply and let you know. It's day dream for others to open web site. It's not an easy job. But you did it.... Many more Congratulations to you.
Name: Pramila Sapkota     Address:kathmandu     E-mail:---


Hello Srijana ji, I didn’t get much time to go through your website because I am at work right now but when I just took a glance, it looked beautiful. You have tried to put very useful stuff in it, that’s great……..
It is just beautiful………….
Keep it up!

Name:Ranju Subedi     Address:America     E-mail:---


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