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लेखहरु(बिभिन्न पत्र-पत्रिकाबाट संकलित)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- बाल-विवाहका कारण र परिणाम
बाल-विवाह र दाइजो प्रथा नेपालको तराई क्षेत्रमा ज्यादा देखिन्छ । यो प्रथा उच्च जातीय समुदायमा भन्दा तल्लो जातका भनिने मुसहर, चमार, डोम, यादव, मुस्लिम जस्ता समुदायमा बढी पाइन्छ ........ क्रमश..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- लडाकु बालबालिकाको भविष्य
माओवादी जनसेनाको शिविरमा रहेका लडाकु बालबालिकालाई तीन महिनाभित्र घर फर्काइने सुखद समाचार आएको धेरै समय बितिसकेको छ । शिविरमा रहेका ती बालसैनिकलाई समाजमा........ क्रमश..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- बालअधिकारको प्रश्न
मीठा उत्साह र आँटिलो मन लिएर हाम्रा कलिला बालबालिकाहरू यस वर्षको राष्ट्रिय बालदिवस विभिन्न रचनात्मक र शैक्षिक विकासका प्रवर्धनात्मक कार्यक्रमका साथ भव्यरूपमा मनाउँदैछन्........ क्रमश..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- आफन्तबाटै शोषित छन् बालबालिका
बालबालिकालाई बलात्कार र यौनशोषण गर्नेहरू टाढाका अपरििचत व्यक्तिहरू कमै हुन्छन् भन्दा पत्याउन गाह्रो हुन्छ । आफन्तले त सधैं उनीहरूलाई संरक्षण गर्छन् भन्ने पुरानो सामाजिक मान्यता हाम्रो मन-मष्तिस्कमा भरएिको छ........ क्रमश..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is Origami ?
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. Together, they form the word, "origami." It is an art form that has been handed down from parent to child through many generations........ || Origami Con..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Teeth
The bottom teeth are used more for the grinding of food and the top front teeth are mainly used for biting. Dental anatomy is a field of anatomy dedicated to the study of tooth structures. The development, appearance, and classification of teeth fall within its field of study, though dental occlusion, or contact among teeth, does not........ || Wikipedia Con..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Types of Chocolate
Several types of chocolate can be distinguished. Pure, unsweetened chocolate contains primarily cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions. Much of the chocolate consumed today is in the form of sweet chocolate, combining chocolate with sugar....... || Wikipedia Con..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Universe
The Universe probably began with a thing called the "Big Bang." Here the Universe was the size of a molecule. It suddenly started to expand....... || Kids Universe Con..

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kids Science Experiments
Kids Science Experiments and Science Projects are full of fun, easy and exciting hands-on experiments that will help you answer a lot of questions asked by your children....... || Kids Science Con..

A bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities. Banks are a fundamental component of the financial system, and are also active players in financial markets. The essential role of a bank is to connect those who have capital (such as investors or depositors), with those who seek capital (such as individuals wanting a loan, or businesses wanting to grow).Finance is the science of funds management.[1] The general areas of finance are business finance, personal finance, and public finance.[2] Finance includes saving money and often includes lending money. The field of finance deals with the concepts of time, money and risk and how they are interrelated. It also deals with how money is spent and budgeted.A market is any one of a variety of different systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures whereby persons trade, and goods and services are exchanged, forming part of the economy. It is an arrangeme t that allows buyers and sellers to exchange things.

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