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Nisha Tandukar,
4th grade, GEMS School, Dhapakhel, Patan

Phoolbari Logo Larkspur is its popular name. Its genus is delphinium. They have tall beautiful spikes with petaled flowers with tail. They come in a variety of

Larkspur leaves, flowers, pods and seeds
colors like blue, purples, lilac, white, rose and pink etc. but mostly available in blue and purple. Other gardeners say that Larkspur grows about three feet high but mine grow much taller than that(about four feet tall). It is equal with my height. Because of its tall nature you can Plant them as a fence, at the back of your garden, use as a border or grow them for cutting garden to decoratr your rooms. Larkspur is hardy annual and very easy to care. It can grow well in both full or half sunlight or light shade.

Larkspur single flower
Larkspur bloom in Autumn, Winter and Spring in normal area like Kathmandu valley. It is hardy so it can tolerate extreme cold too. By nature it is tall so, May require staking Well so they do not bend under the weight of the blossoms. And raise soil around the root for strength.

To grow Larkspur You will need:
larkspur seeds, garden trowel, fertilizer or compost, stakes and rope.

Larkspur seedlings
Larkspurs are easy to grow from seed. Sow seeds in Fall, Winter and Spring. But those area where the winter is too cold sow seed end of summer for early growing and starting of spring for late growing.

Transplanting Larkspurs is very difficult. It doesn't like to move from original place to other. So it is best to sow seeds where they will remain or grow permanently.

Keep well-watered during dry periods. Takeout wielt and faded leaves or flowers which increase to produce more bud and flowers.

We can use larkspur flower in vase as cut flower to decorate our room or house.

Larkspur in Vase

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